Little Guy Productions Wedding Reel

You know that old story about the shoemaker who made shoes for everyone but his own family? That's kind of how I was feeling when I noticed my Wedding Demo Reel was three years old.

So, I decided to bring the reel up to date using our latest captured High Definition footage!

A very special thanks to our brides and grooms that helped make this footage look awesome. In no particular order, thank you:

 - Lauren and Dennis
 - Lauren and James
 - Tara and John
 - Arietti and Alex
 - Jennifer and Cory
 - Natalis and William
 - Elizabeth and Eric
 - The Dude in the Chicken Suit

and last, but not least, my beautiful wife Kristen!


Charity Week Roundup

The past week and a half have been pretty busy for us on the charity front. 

We filmed the Neighborhood Cruisers annual charity car show "Cruisin for Kids" on August 6th. Next, I headed down to Times Square on the 10th to document the third annual Pertussis Awareness Day for the March of Dimes. Rounding out the week, Kristen and I filmed and photoged the Awards Ceremony at Gennaro's Restaurant as the Neighborhood Cruisers handed out the proceeds to this year's families.

Getting ready to film the opening ceremonies.
On August 6th, at North Rockland High School, the Neighborhood Cruisers held their tenth annual "Cruisin for Kids" charity car show. The money raised at this event is given to three local families who are in need of help, due to the rising cost of medical care and the financial burden that comes with having a child with special needs.

It was at this event that we met Evan Sugrue, an eight year old who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Evan has a smile that can light up a room and a sense of determination that is contagious and admirable. More on Evan later.

Early Thursday morning (apparently there's also a 4 in the morning, I thought it only happened in the afternoon) I headed into New York City to document the third annual "Pertussis Awareness Day". I spent the day with my favorite medical director, Dr. Alan Fleischman (March of Dimes) and NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon, as the two stars preached the importance of making sure adults got their TDAP booster shot, to avoid transmitting Pertussis to a newborn child.

Perri Tussis, in the flesh, err.. fuzz.
I have to admit, selfishly, the reason I wanted to film this event had to do with the fact that I got to meet one of my personal heroes. 

Not Jeff Gordon, but the one and only Perri Tussis. Perri is the Sounds of Pertussis campaign mascot. He's a huge Twinkie with those fuzzy bacteria things on it's side.

If you look up awesome in the dictionary, Perri's portrait shows up.

Finishing up "Charity Week", Kristen and I headed over to Gennaro's Restaurant to film and Photog the Neighborhood Cruisers check presentation ceremony. This year, the families were presented with checks for $7,000 (each). The Cruisers were disappointed that, due to the current economy, they couldn't give more. 

In my humble opinion, $7,000 in any type of economy is a blessing, so I don't think they have anything to worry about.
© Matthew Brown Rockland Journal News

While at the Cruise Night, I got to meet Matthew Brown, a photojournalist for the Rockland Journal News and We talked shop for a while and Matthew took some great photos of the event, which you can see here.

Matthew also snapped a photo of Evan and I, as we went over how to operate the Panasonic HMC-150 HD Video Camera. Like I said earlier, Evan has the ability to melt anyone's heart. I was instantly drawn to Evan's curious nature and his amazing spirit.

A very special thanks to my wonderful wife and co-owner of Little Guy Productions, Kristen Lima. Kristen took some great shots at "Cruisin for Kids" and at the Cruise Night.

Wedding Flash Mob

I just finished editing what Kristen and I have dubbed our first "Wedding Flash Mob". During Natalis and William's most excellent wedding reception, we saw a group dance slowly develop right before our lenses.

We were able to shoot with two HD Cameras; the Sony EX-3 and the Panasonic HMC-150, and this is what we came up with:

Let us know what you think!

Kelly and Eric Wedding

 Congratulations to Kelly and Eric on their big day!

Kelly and Eric were married at the The Manor in West Orange, NJ

No, we didn't film or photograph this wedding, but it was definitely nice to see how the other half lives during a wedding and reception.

But that didn't stop me from bringing along the trusty Canon Rebel T2i! I put the new lens to good use for the first time at a wedding and I think we got some great shots!

Let us know what you think!

Stormin 30 Rock

We headed down to 30 Rock this morning to film the March of Dimes and Farmers Insurance volunteers as they promoted Farmers' "Be a Hero for Babies Day".

I went down with my trusty Panasonic HMC-150 and got some great footage of Al Roker interviewing one of the Farmers agents.

Check out some photos from this morning's shoot!

It's not the size of the camera, it's how you use it!
Farmers and Friends

Al Roker and your friendly Farmers Agent

Photographing the 4th of July

Here are a couple of tips and tricks (gathered from our favorite web resources) on how to get some really interesting photos this 4th of July Weekend!

Long Exposure Photography Using Steel Wool

In this great tutorial provided by the fine folks at, Evan Sharboneau shows you how to get some really cool photos using steel wool, a whisk, a steel cable, a tripod, and some long exposure time. 

This neat little trick also reminds us how important it is to shoot with a tripod this weekend, as a shaky hand gets some pretty crappy firework photos.

Darren Rowse, over at Digital Photography School gives some great pointers on how to get that perfect firework photograph. Some tips (but not limited to)

1. Use a tripod (common theme here)
2. Use a remote release
3. Make sure you're using the right aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings on your camera.

Here's a little firework video that we shot, last year, in Margate, NJ of the local firework display.

GPS for the iPhone

Every good photographer or videographer needs a trusty GPS device if they want to get to their shoot on time. But sometimes the price tag may cause you to look the other way when shopping for a GPS unit.

Just check out your local Best Buy for some eye popping GPS prices:

1. Garmin Zumo 665 - $849.99
2. Garmin nuvi 3790 - $399.99
3. Tom Tom Go - $299.95
4. Magellan Road Mate - $249.99
5. Tom Tom Via - $229.99

Those are some big dollar signs for a photographer or videographer.

We went looking for a most cost effective alternative to the GPS units available on the market, and found two excellent solutions via the iPhone.

This was the first GPS app that we purchased (for $2.99) and we love it. It has a voice guidance system, and for $0.99 you can download and install different voices (Our favorite is The Cougar). This version gives you free traffic updates.

They have a great FAQ page on their website if you're having trouble getting the app up and running, but that's unlikely to be a problem. After downloading the app (over wi-fi, it's kind of large) we were on the road before I could get my old Garmin powered on.

The GPS also has a screen to help you look for shopping, restaurants, gas stations, or parking lots, and it integrates with your address book located on your iPhone.

Overall, the app has been great. The only issue we've encountered with the app, is a loss of GPS signal in New York City, but for those of you who have used a GPS in NYC, you know that's not an odd occurance.

If you're feeling adventurous or travel the same route every day, then Waze is a GPS for you! Waze describes itself as a Social Media GPS device, as in, it's users can edit maps, suggest alternate routes, and even lend a hand in the real time traffic reporting system.

Is there a car stopped on the side of the road? Report it with two simple clicks on your iPhone. Waze saves your current location and sends out a message to local Waze users about the stalled vehicle. Major accident on your way to work? You'll know about it as soon as you get in your car, and you can plan your alternate route accordingly.

Waze is also a fun app. It rewards you for updating traffic conditions, weather conditions, or accidents with a point based ranking system. If you find yourself on a road less traveled, your icon turns into a Pacman like character and begins to eat little road pebbles, earning you points.

You can join groups (folks you travel the same route with) for even more personalized updates. You can ping other Waze users as they appear on your GPS map. Waze even has the ability to connect with your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts.

Waze also has voice guidance, which makes the free price tag that much better.

If you're looking for a professional GPS app, stick with MotionX. That being said, I love my Waze App and use it all the time.

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